Business as Art

Business as Art Businesses spend their days rationally analyzing their markets and products and services, trying to predict what will best serve their current customers and extrapolate from that what may serve future customers. But instead of creating things the marketplace naturally gravitates to this seems to pull these companies to the middle of the bell curve—the most … [Read more...]

The Power of Words When Selling a Home

The Power of Words When Selling A Home This article was also published on Inman News on 3/9/2015 What are the ten most important words needed to make a home sell?  It all depends on what the market desires.  How do you know what the market desires?  Either through a lot of hands-on specialization in one neighborhood or some customized artificial intelligence software.  One … [Read more...]

NAR’s Black Swan Song (part 1 of 3)

My Dearest Real Estate Broker, NAR’s monopoly is up; it’s in its last gasping days—1,666 to be precise. They’ll still feed you and the press the same old propaganda of their prominence, as they have for decades. They’ll deny anything could ever replace the good old realtor monopoly and the MLS companies it controls. And they’ll hog tie you with ever more controlling rules … [Read more...]