Dropping Attitude with Real Estate Signs

We are in a high-tech world, and you must own the internet at a hyper-local level, but your real estate sign still creates 11% of Home Sales; it is important.

Your sign is the third most productive marketing tool you have.  From a marketing channel perspective the internet sells 43% of homes; the MLS sells another 33% of homes; and your sign sells 11% of homes.

Home buyers still excitedly drive all around your neighborhood, and your neighbors are going to gossip to everyone they know about your home sale.  So give them something to talk about and get your home sold!

If you’re going to put your home on the market show a little attitude and get everybody talking about your home sale–put them to work selling your home for you.

In this REalMARKABLE® sign video they’re having a ton of fun, but the sign’s design seriously puts their competition to shame.  Once these things start popping up in neighborhoods who is everybody going to notice and talk about: the brokers with the standard, squatty, banged up signs, or REalMARKABLE’s lean, mean, clean, edgy–and tall signs?

Having the greatest technology on the planet won’t help you until the marketplace notices you.   Dropping a ton of attitude on an edgy sign does just that, benefiting both the home seller and the broker, and surely giving the home buyers something to talk about.  When the Iphone first hit the market was it the CPU power everyone was talking about?  No, it was the cool, edgy design.  It’s time the Real Estate Industry showed a little class.



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    I agree that having a cooler design could help your sign stand out a lot more form the rest. I would assume that people would remember a more unique sign more than they would just an ordinary one. Hopefully, that could help you to increase the number of people that take an interest in it.

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