Open Letter to MLS Systems

nuclear option

This will slowly be distributed to MLS leadership throughout the US.  If you would like your MLS CEO to see it simply send them this link


Open Letter to MLS Systems

Why are so many brokers spending thousands of dollars per month advertising at Zillow Group?  They have nearly sixty-percent of all real estate search traffic on the internet and no franchise or brokerage site has over six-percent.  When you consider that they feed all home information for Yahoo! this brings them to controlling nearly eighty-percent of all real estate data searches on the internet.

The only real estate technology brokers care about is the one creating leads for them, and the franchises can’t do this for them, their brokerages can’t do this for them, and their MLS system cannot do this for them.  So the agents put their money where the leads come from: ZG.  If the giant franchises can’t compete with ZG what chance do the individual agents have?  Better to spend their thousands there every month than starve.

Why is Project Upstream trying so hard to disrupt and control the flow of real estate information through their “nuclear option”, essentially disintermediating the data from all MLS systems and directing it to their own centralized system?  Honestly, it’s a panicked power grab.  They can’t provide for their agents the leads ZG does.  That’s simply a fact.  Their hopes are by pre-marketing the data before it ever hits the MLS systems they will capture more leads, remove the authority the MLS systems have, and ultimately harm Zillow.

The catalyst for all of this disruption in the real estate industry is self-inflicted lethargy. While companies from outside the broker and MLS models were fighting so hard to carve a niche for themselves no one from within the industry was truly innovating.  We have to be honest with ourselves: no one in the industry thought outsiders could ever do in the marketplace what they have done.  Ten years ago no one in the industry would have gone on record saying an outside company with no ties to NAR, franchises, brokerages, or the MLS systems would rule the industry.  The industry was fat, lazy, arrogant, and stupid.

It’s now time to attack or die.  If MLS companies don’t introduce a massive stream of innovations within the next six months, then between ZG and Upstream they will be relegated to the position of “complaint call center manager” for starving agents.  That is all that is left when Upstream controls all real estate data and ZG controls all leads.

Below are some solutions for brokers which MLS systems can supply that are much better than Zillow’s offerings.  Visualize how they might be applied and monetized within your area.  You can disseminate these tools en masse to the agents, giving them and you a fighting chance in the marketplace.


QValue® Find More Genius™


QValue® Value Genius™




Full Disclosure

  • Value Genius™ is an automated valuation model (AVM) that offers you not only an automatic estimated home value but also tells you the qualities buyers most seek out and the ones they’ll pay the most to attain. It is the only AVM in existence that does this. (It is part of a pending Software Patent)
  • Find More Genius™ is an instant custom search tool finding homes for a buyer based on the qualities they most love. (It is part of a pending Software Patent)
  • Fierce Marketing® is a professional marketing, video, and photo service designed to discover and visually focus on what buyers most desire and trigger their emotions. (Part of the REalMARKABLE® Marketing System)
  • REalMARKABLE’s edgy sign has a pending Design Patent.
  • QValue® is the company providing much of the technology used throughout the REalMARKABLE® site. (All part of pending software patents and a pending design patent for the presentation of the screens displayed)
  • REalMARKABLE® is a new real estate brokerage in Metro Denver using intelligent, cutting edge tools helping you to market and sell your home and save you money. (Creed created and owns everything mentioned in the entire disclosure section—and everything at the website is Creed’s fault.)
  • Everything here is cutting edge innovation, invention, and technology that no one else is offering. So you will find a few imperfections at REalMARKABLE®.com. Please understand that we are working really hard to correct anything that goes wrong and give you the best real estate tools and service on the planet.

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