Please be aware that the Demon will help you with research and marketing strategy, but he does not hold back on what it takes for you to meet your market’s desires. That’s all he cares about. Your brand, your image, your stupid NAR and MLS rules are of no importance. And your local competition will no longer like you very much either. The stuff we will talk about and implement has a single purpose: determine and give the market their absolute desires regardless of the repercussions to the current real estate system or your competition.

Please be sure you read the Demon articles and form a belief about where you think the future of real estate is going. If you think the industry will keep gradually trending as it has been for decades you do not want to hire me. In this case just read and follow whatever advice NAR gives you and you will be happy.

If you do hire the Demon you’ll be working directly with me to determine your market’s desires and how to kill your competition by implementing strategies to fulfill them.

The Demon only works with larger companies within their marketplace, not individual brokers. Marketing strategy is mentally exhausting and the Demon wants to make a serious impact in the marketplace, thus he works only with decent sized companies desiring to make an impact—and have the means to do so.

The Demon has a month-long Market Discovery and Strategic Marketing consultation for $5,000. If you were some Fortune 500 company, this kind of consulting would easily set you back $100K for a month—seriously. You will be working hand-in-hand with the Demon at each step. This is discovery, consultation, and implementation—not a sit back and watch class. The goal is not to give you some 99 step process, but have you learn how to think about and implement true marketing. You will be working hard for a whole month and at the end you will know how to determine the desires of your market, how to give them their desires, and how to kill your competition. You will know how to implement true marketing going forward by yourself; this not just being told what to do.

And much of what we talk about is at strategic levels. Yes, you will know how to implement everything, but this is not some “put this on LinkedIn, or say this on Facebook” discussion. There are plenty of books out there telling you about the latest advertising fads. You and I are doing hard-core strategic work.

At this price we will be communicating a lot on skype or go-to-meeting (probably 2-3 times a week); and no plane rides. You will want your partners or managers around for these meetings much of the time. If you wish, we’ll hook up something for your entire team or company to participate in through a live feed when appropriate.

If we still like each other at the end of a month, and you desire additional help, we’ll talk about that then. But you will know marketing—real marketing, and how to implement it yourself at the end of a month.

If your company is already a successful outlier in how you provide real estate services we’ll probably get along well. If you still believe brokers rule and just want a new advertising strategy, you won’t like what I have to say. The real estate market is at the precipice of massive change. Much of it has already occurred, but the effects are not fully felt yet. So the Demon has no time for incremental improvements to the old system; this is all about jumping ahead of the curve so you can capture the market not chase it along with the 1.3 million licensed agents out there.

If you are a large franchise with offices in many metro areas you can’t have the $5,000 deal; this is for good-sized local companies in one metro area only. The Demon is teaching you what true marketing is all about and how to implement it, and you could easily utilize my teachings in many locations. If you are a large franchise we need to talk beforehand.

Who is the Demon? The Demon holds a Master of Science Degree in Marketing; a Bachelor of Business Administration; has been a licensed broker since 1987; and has sold approximately 1,500 homes in the last ten years. The Demon has worked with giant corporate clients like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Wells Fargo, and many others. He has patents pending in the real estate industry, owns several registered trademarks, and is this minute implementing many of the strategies we will be talking about directly in the marketplace. But who cares. Just as all that matters is how you meet your market’s desires better than anyone else in order to succeed, all that matters to you is how the Demon can help you accomplish that. You’ll know after our first conversation if I hold any worth to you.

If you think you may be interested in the Demon’s Market Discovery and Strategic Marketing consulting please fill out the form here. Your communication is 100% private; no one will know but you and me. I’ll give you an outline. If you like it, you’ll ship me a check and we’ll have an initial consultation. If you hate my stuff after our first meeting I will ship your check back. If you think I can help you determine your market’s desires and implement a strategic marketing plan to meet them, we’re a go.

Thanks for your interest.

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