Youll want robots to replace realtors

Youll want robots to replace realtors: a story of real estate, rare gems, and robots In 2008 Smithsonian magazine introduced us to the story of Apollo Diamond, a company using science and technology to create diamonds of such quality experts cannot differentiate them from diamonds taking billions of years to form deep in the planet. “Nice stone, excellent color.  I don’t see … [Read more...]

Third-Grade Playground

Third-Grade Playground: A Little Satire on the Real Estate Industry See if you recognize the kids.   Hey Pru, how much did you skim from the kids? About $3. Pretty weak Pru. Goldie, what’d you get? Around $4. Could be worse—just ask Pru. Kel, what’d you pull down? About $4 also. How you punks going to have any fun at all after school today on … [Read more...]

NAR’s Black Swan Song (part 1 of 3)

My Dearest Real Estate Broker, NAR’s monopoly is up; it’s in its last gasping days—1,666 to be precise. They’ll still feed you and the press the same old propaganda of their prominence, as they have for decades. They’ll deny anything could ever replace the good old realtor monopoly and the MLS companies it controls. And they’ll hog tie you with ever more controlling rules … [Read more...]