6 Reasons you’re losing leads

6 Reasons you're losing leads Home buyer leads on the internet have gone up 300%.  Are you getting your fair share? A recent survey* of over 13,000 home buyers and sellers demonstrates that this year 28% of buyers age 50 and younger now find the real estate agent they purchase a home through via the internet.  This is up 300% over NAR’s earlier 2016 survey** stating that … [Read more...]

Business as Art

Business as Art Businesses spend their days rationally analyzing their markets and products and services, trying to predict what will best serve their current customers and extrapolate from that what may serve future customers. But instead of creating things the marketplace naturally gravitates to this seems to pull these companies to the middle of the bell curve—the most … [Read more...]

The Face of Real Estate

  The Face of Real Estate Zillow: a Study of Market Positioning   Within a very crowded and confusing marketplace defining who you are—what you represent to your customers and potential customers has to be summed up within a single thought, by them not you.  The battle between how you perceive yourself through what you outwardly portray (image), and how the … [Read more...]

How the Portals Can Dominate Local Real Estate Search Within 2 Months

From the moment any of the top real estate portals decide to dominate local real estate search it will take them only two months to do so. We’ll explore how exactly how this can happen and offer action steps so you can do it before they do. All of the portals have access to vast sale data with which they can use their technical prowess to overwhelm brokers at the hyper-local … [Read more...]

How to Advertise a Home

How to Advertise a Home A home buyer chooses and values one home above all the others they see based on the emotional benefits received from envisioned future life events as triggered by the qualities of a home. We’ve all seen this happen: a buyer walks through 20 houses over two months of weekends and evenings commenting on various aspects of the homes, stating how the … [Read more...]