Technology and the Decline of the Broker Centric Model

One Thing the Real Estate Industry Fears Most Technology and the Decline of the Broker Centric Model The “full-service” broker-centric real estate model will soon exit the “maturity” segment of its product life cycle, signaling the beginning of a twenty-year decline.  We’ll explore how disruptive technologies triggered the Broker-Centric Life Cycle stages and the alternative … [Read more...]

MLS Systems as Innovators

There are two immense and immediate problems, and one near-future problem, the MLS systems acting as the market innovators for the real estate industry can solve.  But the window of opportunity to execute is nearly closed, and once this opportunity is lost it will never be available again. I inadvertently identified and framed what may be the absolute crux of why all real … [Read more...]

The Face of Real Estate

  The Face of Real Estate Zillow: a Study of Market Positioning   Within a very crowded and confusing marketplace defining who you are—what you represent to your customers and potential customers has to be summed up within a single thought, by them not you.  The battle between how you perceive yourself through what you outwardly portray (image), and how the … [Read more...]

Let a Robot Find You a Home

Let a Robot Find You a Home Real Estate’s Turing Test Who wins the Broker v Bot contest is not as important as you understanding how technology will vastly change your business, if not today then tomorrow Consumers will absolutely run to the website(s) offering superior automated real estate tools, meaning whoever offers the best solutions controls the leads You have … [Read more...]